2000 Kmart 400 Fantasy Edition 2

2000 Season Fantasy Edition (KMART 400 @ Michigan International Speedway, June 18th, 2000) Edit

Notes Edit

  • Curse-words will be censored out by *bleep*s.

Car Numbers, Sponsors, Manufacturers, and Drivers Edit

  1. 1 Pennzoil Chevrolet (Jimmy Neutron)
  2. 2 Miller Lite Ford (Rudy Tabootie)
  3. 3 GM Goodwrench Chevrolet (Eddy "The Intimidator" McRich)
  4. 4 Kodak Chevrolet (Remy Buxaplenty)
  5. 5  Corn Flakes Chevrolet (Imaginary Gary)
  6. 6 Valvoline Ford (Professor Finbarr Calamitous)
  7. 7 PHILLIPS Nation's Rent Chevrolet (Wanda)
  8. 8 Budweiser Chevrolet (Homer Simpson)
  9. 9 Kodiak Ford (Mojo Jojo)
  10. 10 Aaron's Pontiac (Jimmy from "Ed, Edd n Eddy")
  11. 12 Mobil 1 Ford (Snap White)
  12. 14 Conseco Pontiac (Nelson Muntz)
  13. 16 TV Guide Ford (Buttercup Simpson)
  14. 17 DEWALT Power Tools Ford (Evil Jimmy Clone)
  15. 18 Interstate Batteries Pontiac (Ed"Lumpy" Monobrow)
  16. 19 MOTOROLA Ford (Eduardo)
  17. 20 Home Depot Pontiac (Eddward "Double-D" Marion)
  18. 21 CITGO Ford (Princess Morbucks)
  19. 22 CATERPILLAR Pontiac (Sandy Cheeks)
  20. 24 DUPONT Chevrolet (Ash Ketchum) *fill-in driver for Timmy Turner*
  21. 25 Michael Holigan Chevrolet (Trixie Tang)
  22. 26 KMART Ford (Bubble Bass from "Spongebob Squarepants")
  23. 28 TEXACO Havoline Ford (Sheldon J. Plankton)
  24. 31 LOWE'S Chevrolet (Blooreguard Q. "Bloo" Kazoo)
  25. 32 Tide Ford (Blossom Neutron)
  26. 33 Oakwood Homes Chevrolet (Mac Kazoo)
  27. 36 M&Ms Pontiac (Spongebob Squarepants)
  28. 40 Coors Light Chevrolet (Bart Simpson)
  29. 42 Bellsouth Chevrolet (Cindy Vortex)
  30. 43 STP Pontiac (Bubbles Turner)
  31. 44 Hot Wheels Pontiac (Kevin)
  32. 45 Spree/Sprint Chevrolet (Sheen Estevez)
  33. 55 Square-D Chevrolet (Stanley S. Squarepants)
  34. 60 Power Team Chevrolet (Francis Bull-E)
  35. 66 Route 66 KMART Ford (Fuzzy Lumpkins)
  36. 71 Real Tree Chevrolet (Cosmo)
  37. 75 Redcell Ford (Patrick Star)
  38. 77 JASPER Ford (Rolf)
  39. 88 Quality Care Ford (Lisa Simpson)
  40. 93 Amoco Pontiac (Evil Officer Mike Brikowski)
  41. 94 McDonald's Ford (Squidward Tentacles)
  42. 97 John Deere Ford (Penny Sanchez)
  43. 99 EXIDE Batteries Ford (Denzel Crocker)

Race Winner Edit

  • 32 Tide Ford (Blossom Neutron)

Number Of Laps Edit

  • 200

Number Of Cautions Edit

  • 4

Quotes Edit

Quote 1 Edit

  • (wiki-special opens inside Edd and Jackie's house on Thursday while Timmy trying to fix the termite trap on the staircase)
  • Jackie (in unison, Timmy grunts and groans while hammering the staircase): You think having Timmy fix the termite trap is a good idea?
  • Edd (in unison, Timmy grunts and groans while hammering on the staircase): I'm afraid I'm not 100% sure, Timmy decided to jump in and help us when I told him numerously that I was gonna call up a repairman to fix this staircase.
  • Timmy: *grunts and groans* Stupid... fu--*bleep*--ing... *in unison, Timmy suddenly falls and crashes THROUGH the stairs and into the basement*... TERMITE TRAAAP!!!! *Edd and Jackie stare in horror*
  • Edd: Oh, dear! Timmy?! CAN YOU HEAR ME, TIMMY?!
  • Timmy: *groans in pain* (in a crying, straining way) Ow, my leg hurts....
  • Edd: Fear not, Timmy! I'll be right down while Jackie dials for an ambulance! *runs downstairs while Jackie grabs the phone and dials for paramedics*
  • Timmy (in a crying, straining way): *groans* I don't know if it's my leg or foot! *strains in a crying way* *scene fades into Timmy's hauler on Saturday evening (the night before the race)*
  • Bubbles: *sickly coughs on the sofa*
  • Timmy: *enters the hauler in a wheelchair* Bubs, you okay?
  • Bubbles (a tad hoarsely): Timmy, *coughs* Timmy, my poor throaty-woaty's sore...
  • Timmy (sadly): *sad moan* First, I suffer an injury from Thursday's "staircase disaster of terror", and now Bubbles' getting sick? What else could happen next? *sad moan* *scene fades into the next day on raceday in Blossom's hauler while Blossom, Cindy, Spongebob, and Sandy were eating breakfast*
  • Blossom: Bubbles fell ill last night and sadly, she feels just as bad this morning. Professor told me over the phone that Timmy told him Bubbles' temperature went up to 102 degrees.
  • Sandy (sadly): Aw, shoot! That poor lil cute one! I hope she feels better soon...
  • Cindy: But sadly the problem is that NASCAR was never notified about her sickness. It's probably too late now.
  • Spongebob (sadly): I feel her pain. It almost feels like a situation I'd be in. (tears up)
  • Sandy: Awwww... Spongedude, don't let out them waterworks out right now, boy. I'm dang sure Bubbles will try and re-cooperate after today's race. She just has to battle that nerve-wreckin' fever for 200 laps, that poor lil powerpuff.
  • Spongebob (sadly): *groans* I wish I made a fresh hot Krabby Patty for Bubbles after the race today.
  • Sandy: Dead-gummit, Spongebob! That ain't the kind of food suited for a cold!
  • Blossom: Sandy's right, Spongebob. First, you don't know how Bubbles' ill stomach would handle the fast food and second, in order to not be contaminated with Bubbles' sick germs, Timmy is the one who takes care of Bubbles because he is her HUSBAND and that he KNOWS the right comfort foods for her.
  • Spongebob: *sad groan* I wish Krabby Patties would help her feel better and that I helped Timmy take care of my poor sick friend. *scene fades into the Team Fastex team meeting in progress*
  • Jack Fassler: We don't know what REXCOR is up to out on that track today since Timmy Turner is out of action in the #24 car this weekend after his ankle injury suffered 3 days ago, but we just have to make the best of it and put on a great show for the fans to witness. *Bubbles' raises her hand*
  • Jack Fassler: Yes, Bubbles?
  • Bubbles (hoarsely): Mr. Fassler, my poor throat hurts. I don't think I'm well enough to race today.
  • Jack Fassler (calmly): I'm very much aware of that, Bubbles, but sadly, NASCAR was never notified about your sickness. It is said that sickness has to be confirmed the night prior to a NASCAR Winston Cup Series event. *in unison, Bubbles softly and sadly gasps* So Bubbles, to be honest with you *short pause* You're gonna have to race today.
  • Bubbles: *soft, sad, hoarse moan*
  • Jack Fassler (calmly): And plus, NASCAR has no available fill-in drivers for you due to Ash Ketchum being recruited 2 days ago to drive Timmy's #24 DUPONT Chevrolet on Sunday, and that last night's NASCAR Busch Series race in Codename: Kids Next Door Raceway (in reference to the "2000 IRN-BRU 250 Fantasy Edition" wiki) was rained out and postponed to today. So you're gonna have to cope the best you can Bubbles. *Bubbles tears up* Trust me, handling sickness isn't easy in a racecar, but you're gonna have to wrestle it for 200 laps today, and I promise after today's race, you can go to bed and rest. Does that sound like a good idea, Bubbles?
  • Bubbles (hoarsely): I guess so. You're very understanding, Mr. Fassler.
  • Jack Fassler (calmly): And that's why I put your husband, Timmy Turner as your temporary crew chief for the day until he returns next week when we head off to Italy (foreshadowing the "2000 FRESCO Italia 300 Fantasy Edition" wiki).
  • Bubbles (hoarsely): Okay, Jack. *hoarsely gulps nervously* *scene cuts to the pit area where Steve Post (MRN Radio) was ready to interview Bubbles (with Ed, and Timmy *in a wheelchair* by her side)*
  • Steve Post (MRN Radio): Thanks, Allen, I'm now here with Bubbles Turner. Bubbles Turner, despite feeling very much under the weather, do you think that you might be able to pull it off today despite having a fever and sore throat?
  • Bubbles (being interviewed by MRN Radio's Steve Post / hoarsely): I'll try and be strong, Mr. Post. I'm also doing it for my poor Timmy Bear who hurt his little ankle.
  • Steve Post (MRN Radio): You might sound hoarse... *gets rudely interrupted by Ed's silly quotes*
  • Ed (after Steve Post's last 2 quotes): *loud horrfied gasp* MY EARS ARE BROKEN!!!!
  • Timmy: Ed, relax!
  • Steve Post (MRN Radio): Well, we didn't expect a silly outburst from Ed Monobrow but probably we all think that you can probably pull it off today, Bubbles.
  • Timmy Turner: *chuckles* Sorry for Ed's sudden outburst "Postman", and since Bubbles sounds hoarse, and to keep Ed from blurting out more stupid quotes on the radio, I'll speak for Bubbles, if it's okay with you, hon?
  • Bubbles (hoarsely): It's okay, hon.
  • Steve Post (MRN Radio): So Timmy, you really didn't expect your wife to come down with the illness but sadly she has to drive with it. How does that feel to you?
  • Timmy (being interviewed by MRN Radio's Steve Post): That has to suck for anyone with that or any similar illness, don't you think, Bubbles? *Bubbles sadly nods her head yes* Bubbles agrees and I hope every MRN Radio listener agrees what I said about how I care so much for my poor wife.
  • Steve Post (MRN Radio): And that ankle injury you suffered back on Thursday really got your race weekend off to a bad start.
  • Timmy (being interviewed by MRN Radio's Steve Post): Trust me, it DID, Post. I have to take pain-killers for my ankle every morning for a week until next Thursday when my ankle feels better.
  • Ed: Like thermometers?
  • Timmy: Eeyup! Another outburst by Mr. Monobrow.
  • Steve Post (MRN Radio): And Ed, your car seemed 4th fastest in Happy Hour (final practice) yesterday, and do YOU think you would pull it off today?
  • Ed (doing a stupid silly interview with MRN Radio's Steve Post): Eeyup! And when, I Ed bring victory, I want a racetrack built dedicated to chickens! And the mutant Chunky Puffs and cannibal lug-nut mutants will eat my buttered toast and eat their own body parts in order to survive! *laughs after his silly interview*
  • Steve Post (MRN Radio): *chuckles* Well, Ed really seems to know how he'll prove out on the Michigan International Speedway today, despite talking about mutant Chunky Puffs and other monster movies related to NASCAR. Back to you, Allen Bestwick and Barney Hall.
  • Timmy (in his own head): That was the stupidest interview I ever I heard in my life so far by Ed. *Bubbles suddenly hugs him in fear after trembling in fear all throughout Ed's silly interview* (while hugging poor sick Bubbles) Awww... please calm down, Bubbles', I'm here for you. *scene cuts to the Team REXCOR team meeting in progress*
  • Garner Rexton: Now since that fool, Timmy Turner isn't competing in today's race, we might have a chance at beating Team Fastex like Crocker did back in Charlotte! (in reference to the "2000 Coca-Cola 600 Fantasy Edition" wiki)
  • Princess Morebucks: I wish I did the same with that stupid crybaby, Lisa Simpson for the win!
  • Garner Rexton: What does Lisa Simpson have to do with who we're talking about, Morebucks?! (referring to Timmy Turner)
  • Princess Morebucks: *growls* Fine! What about Timmy?!
  • Garner Rexton: I said since Timmy Turner is out of action today, we might have a chance at beating Team Fastex, meaning that Team Fastex is NOTHING without Timmy Turner on the racetrack.
  • Nelson: Hey, Mr. Rexton, can we put the sick crybaby puff in the wall--?
  • Nelson: Sorry, Mr. Rexton!
  • Garner Rexton: Anyway, since Bubbles must compete with a cold, I came up with this evil plan. Bubbles wouldn't collapse if there were a LOT of caution flags, so the plan is to NOT cause any caution flags, so that Bubbles can easily collapse in the racecar, and that she'll BE the caution after her "bubble" is bursted... (with a sinister grin) if you know what I mean?
  • Plankton: Oh yeah.... Bubbles will be DESTROYED and the wimpy crybaby-puff will NEVER race in NASCAR again!
  • Garner Rexton: And Timmy Turner will have NOBODY to cuddle and make love with. *cackles evilly and everyone joined in* *scene cuts to Professor Utonium and Ms. Keane in Bubbles' pitbox along with Timmy & Bubbles right after the National Anthem and jet-flyover*
  • Timmy (after explaining how Bubbles got sick and how she has to race while feeling terribly ill): *sad sigh* Well, that's why Bubbles has to race sick, parents-in-law.
  • Ms. Keane (sadly): Oh, Bubbles, I feel so bad for you. Racing with a sore throat and a fever. If it were up to me, I'd send you home for the day as I would have in school. *hugs Bubbles*
  • Bubbles (while hugging Ms. Keane / hoarsely): *sad hoarse moan* Thank you, Mom. I'm glad to get such nice words on a sick race day.
  • Professor Utonium: But Bubbles, the doctor said you can't do a lot of talking in order for your throat to feel better.
  • Timmy: Luckily it wasn't as bad as those times bees stung Bubbles in the throat (referring to the "Powerpuff Girls" episode "The City Of Nutsville" and the "Mr. Conductor & Timmy Turner's Thomas Tales With Friends" episode "Fraidy Cats"). She couldn't even talk at all for a week! But don't worry, Bubbles. Jimmy Neutron protected you from bee-stings with that special life-long lasting "sting-resistant" pill, so you have nothing to fear, hon.
  • Bubbles: *hoarsely groans in a sad way with tears in her eyes*
  • Professor (calmly): Don't worry, honey. Mr. Fassler PROMISED you that right after the KMART 400, you can go to bed and rest, and Timmy will try and nurse you back to health, okay?
  • Bubbles (hoarsely): Okay? *sniff*
  • Track P.A Announcer (heard in the background): ALL DRIVERS, TO YOUR CARS!!!! *crowd cheers loudly in the background*
  • Timmy: You gotta go, hon. Please stay strong out on that track today.
  • Professor: And remember, we love you and we're all proud of you and counting on you. We believe you'll get through this race as you would any other.*hugs Bubbles and kisses her on the cheek*
  • Ms. Keane: Feel better, sweetheart. We'll even fix you a nice meal suited for a sore throat and fever after the long day ahead of us. *hugs Bubbles and kisses her on the cheek*
  • Timmy: Don't worry, Bubs, you got me, and your parents (referring to the Professor & Ms. Keane) by your side to keep you calm, okay?
  • Bubbles (hoarsely): Okay, Timmy. *hugs Timmy and Timmy kisses her on the cheek* *scene to the CBS Broadcast Booth*

Quote 2 Edit

  • ("NASCAR On CBS Theme" plays)
  • Mike Joy (CBS): We're here live from the automobile capital of the world (referring to the state of Michigan), for today's running of the KMART 400 from the Michigan International Speedway! This famous "Motown" facility has been one of the fastest and widest racetracks ever to compete on, and it is famous for its recipe of triple and quadruple-file racing. A win here could increase the chances of becoming a NASCAR legend. Hello race-fans, this is Mike Joy alongside former NASCAR competitors and race analysts, Buddy Baker and Ned Jarrett. Guys, we have heard about a bunch of story-lines leading up to today's race that might affect this race weekend.
  • Buddy Baker (CBS): Indeed, Mike. After sufferin' an ankle injury back on Thursday, Timmy Turner's out of action on the racetrack today until next week until the NASCAR Winston Cup Series goes to Italy (foreshadowing the "2000 FRESCO Italia 300 Fantasy Edition" wiki).
  • Ned Jarrett (CBS): I agree, Buddy. Timmy Turner did say in his pre-race interview that he has no choice but to watch today's race from his wife's pitbox, but however, he is excited to be the crew chief of his wife, Bubbles for today's event.
  • Mike Joy (CBS): And speaking of Timmy's wife, Bubbles Turner will sadly race in the KMART 400 feeling under the weather. Bubbles developed a fever and a sore throat late last night and she felt just as worse this morning. Sadly, NASCAR was never notified about her illness, and since the NASCAR Busch Series race in Codename: Kids Next Door Raceway was rained out last night, they couldn't find any spare drivers to fill in her ride today. Bubbles Turner did say hoarsely on her pre-race interview with Ken Squier before opening ceremonies today, that she might feel under the weather, but she'll still prove herself out on the racetrack today in order to receive her much-needed rest. However, the only NASCAR Busch Series driver available was Ash Ketchum, in which he was chosen to fill in for Timmy Turner, while Chicken drives Ash Ketchum's car in Codename: Kids Next Door Raceway this evening.
  • Buddy Baker (CBS): Indeed, Mike. Ash Ketchum had a great run with the Busch Series so far, he is the point leader in the Busch Series, but he has to miss out on this evenin's race due to Timmy Turner's staircase fall back on Thursday. But on the bright side for Ash, he makes his NASCAR Winston Cup Series debut today, fillin' in for an injured Timmy Turner.
  • Ned Jarrett (CBS): Indeed, Buddy. Ash Ketchum really does feel excited to debut in the NASCAR Winston Cup Series, and he did say in his pre-race interview with Glen Jarrett that even though he felt bad that he has to miss the race in Codename: Kids Next Door Raceway this evenin', he is STILL pumped up to debut in NASCAR's top series today.
  • Mike Joy (CBS): Will Ash Ketchum prove his skills to what it takes to be in the big leagues, and will Bubbles Turner have the goods to succeed in today's race as the race goes on, despite an ill-handling body temperature and sore throat? We'll find out in 200 laps today in one of the fastest and widest tracks in the world. The drivers are ready, the fans are ready, and WE'RE ready for the starting of the engines here at Michigan International Speedway! Let's go trackside to get the command!
  • Track P.A Announcer: And now race-fans, for the most famous words in all of auto-racing, please welcome your grand marshal, legendary New York Yankee and Michigan native Mr. Derek Jeter! *crowd cheers EXTREMELY loudly*
  • Derek Jeter: On behalf of the New York Yankees and MLB, Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!!!! *crowd cheers EXTREMELY loudly*
  • *engines start and rev loudly, in unison to the HYSTERICALLY cheering crowd* *scene cuts to Bubbles' cockpit*
  • Timmy (voice only / in unison to Bubbles' starting her engine and revving her engine): Okay, Bubs. All you have to do is stay strong, calm, and relaxed, and you'll make it through the race. We know that you're not in that kind of condition to win today's race due to your illness, but try to make the best of it and stay strong on the racetrack battling your fever and sore throat. That's a TRUE racing hero.
  • Bubbles (starting 16th hoarsely): Thanks, Timmy. *sniff* But what if I collapse and cause a big accident or wreck myself?!
  • Timmy (voice only): Aw, Bubbles, don't say that. You'll do just fine. The yellow flags and pit-stops today will help you calm down and relax the body, so that you can hopefully pull through in today's race. And don't worry, Bubs, you're already locked in the playoffs after your win at Atlanta (in reference to the "2000 Pop's Moon Palace 500 Fantasy Edition" wiki"), so you wouldn't have to worry about having a bad finish in today's race, Bubs.
  • Bubbles (starting 16th / hoarsely): Okay, hon. *sniff* *revs her engine* *scene cuts to the CBS Broadcast Booth*
  • Mike Joy (CBS): The 43 metal monsters have roared to life here in Michigan International Speedway! *scene cuts to Bubbles' cockpit with s close-up of her face* Will Bubbles Turner survive today's 200-lap buzz around the historic 2-mile oval in order to get her much-needed rest after suffering a cold? We will find out in 200 laps! The green flag flies next after this commercial break and a word from our local CBS stations! *scene cuts to the track*

Quote 3 Edit

  • Mike Joy (CBS / in unison to the hysterically cheering crowd after the pace-car pulls into the pits): The pace-car heads for pit-road, and we're set to go for 200 laps of 3-4 wide action here in the KMART 400! We're glad you joined with us on this beautiful Sunday afternoon here in Michigan International Speedway.... *cars accelerate to take the green flag waved by former NASCAR driver, Ernie Irvan, in unison to the HYSTERICALLY cheering crowd* as Michigan International Speedway hero, Ernie Irvan waves the green flag! We're racing at Michigan on CBS!
  • Barney Hall (MRN Radio): They're about 2, 3, and 400 feet from the start/finish line, green flag goes in the air and they get down to it in a hurry. On the break, Lisa Simpson LOOKED like she was gonna accelerate away from everyone, but all of a sudden that goes away and now they're back door-to-door in Turn 1.
  • Joe Moore (MRN Radio): Cindy Vortex hangs tough on the outside lane racing up alongside Lisa Simpson as they race into Turn #1 for the first time! Now into Turn #2, the inside lane begins to prove the best! Lisa Simpson gets a nose out in front! Cindy Vortex begins to fall for a bit, but again pulls even on the backstretch!
  • Fred Armstrong (MRN Radio): Vortex on the outside of the racetrack, and now here comes Trixie Tang all the way to the bottom! Tang shoots out, grabs the lead in Turn #3 and makes it stick as she races into the turn!
  • Allen Bestwick (MRN Radio): Now Tang slides up the banking in the middle of Turns 3 & 4! Here's Simpson looking low, not enough room there! Tang kinda protecting the bottom a little bit! Cindy Vortex to the outside of Lisa Simpson! They weave their way off the corner! At the stripe, it'll be Trixie Tang leading Lap #1 with Cindy Vortex in 2nd! They're 3-wide for 3rd as they head back to Turn #1!
  • Joe Moore (MRN Radio): Patrick Star dives down to the inside of Buttercup Simpson! That is the race for the 3rd spot! Those 2 are stacked up double-wide! Into Turn #2, it is Trixie Tang showing the way! Right behind her now is Vortex! The battle continues for 3rd!
  • Fred Armstrong (MRN Radio): They're single-file back for about the first 8 positions as they rumble off Turn #2 and down the backstraightaway! This time up front, nobody steps out of line! The battle is gonna form up side-by-side for about the 10th position, but the front 9 cars are all single-file in Turn #4! *scene cuts to the CBS Broadcast Booth*
  • Mike Joy (CBS): Trixie Tang leads the 2nd lap of the KMART 400 *scene cuts back to the track* but Buttercup Simpson seems to get her mojo working now as she challenges Cindy Vortex for 2nd!
  • Buddy Baker (ESPN): Man, these females are goin' at it like every lap's the last lap, Mike! And we're only 3 laps into the event!
  • Ned Jarrett (CBS): I agree, Buddy. Cause those girls REALLY want that first win of the season and a clinch of playoff berth. And plus, they REALLY love this 2-mile track.
  • Mike Joy (CBS): Look at Buttercup Simpson as she dives underneath Cindy Vortex off Turn #2!
  • Buddy Baker (CBS): Look at her, Mike! She is chargin' those corners, and now she just got by the #42 car of Cindy Vortex!
  • Ned Jarrett (CBS): She really is the girl on the move, guys. *scene cuts to Buttercup's cockpit*
  • Buttercup (in 2nd): Yeah! Now THIS is how you race! *scene cuts back to the track*
  • Fred Armstrong (MRN Radio): As they race off Turn #2 and down the backstraightaway, one car swings out wide and grabs a position, it's gonna be Buttercup Simpson! She'll shuffle the #16 TV Guide Ford in 2nd as she races into Turn #3!
  • Barney Hall (MRN Radio): And now, a good scramble's back for 6th place also. Ed Monobrow's down to the bottom of the racetrack underneath Lisa Simpson. They come door-to-door off the corner. Lisa came from LEADING the race all the way back to the 5th position, trying to hang onto that for the moment as they come back down to the line. That is the first race at the front of the field. A little further back at about the 8th and 9th position, it's 3-deep in Turn #1.
  • Joe Moore (MRN Radio): That is where Snap White's on the move! He saw the lane open up underneath Bloo Kazoo's #31 LOWES' Chevrolet and went for that lane! That settles down while up front, it's a race for the lead! They're side-by-side off Turn #2!
  • Fred Armstrong (MRN Radio): Buttercup Simpson's on the inside, Trixie Tang's on the outside, "drag-racing" down the backstraightaway! Now setting up for Turn #3, it's B-Cup with the inside groove! Tang keeps it up to the top of the banking! Give the edge to Trixie Tang as she enters the corner!
  • Allen Bestwick (MRN Radio): Buttercup's backing off and going in line behind Trixie Tang in the middle of the corners now! She'll take another shot at her as they come working their way off of Turn #4! Tang, Simpson, Vortex, Star, Ed Monobrow are the front 5, then Lisa Simpson and Finbarr Calamitous are the lead group! A couple of empty car-lengths back is Bubble Bass back in 8th as they go to Turn #1!
  • Joe Moore (MRN Radio): Bubble Bass rides in the 8th position! He's got about 5 car-lengths on the 9th place car of Francis Bull-E in the 10th spot! In the battle there now, Bart Simpson sees a challenge! To the inside of him goes Eddy McRich, and McRich now picks up the 10th spot in Turn #2!
  • Fred Armstrong (MRN Radio): McRich shuffles back in line as they come off the corner and head down the backstraightaway! Now the battle "shapes up" for the 4th position! Patrick Star feels the pressure from the inside! Ed Monobrow is there, side-by-side in Turn #3!

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  • (Lap 69 out of 200 laps)
  • [scene cuts to the CBS Broadcast Booth]
  • Mike Joy (CBS): We're nearly halfway in the KMART 400 *scene cuts to the track* in lapped traffic after the restart back on Lap 67, Rudy Tabootie continues to lead the way with Ed Monobrow and Finbarr Calamitous battling for the 2nd spot! They just won't wait for 1 to go!
  • Buddy Baker (CBS): Man, I agree, Mike! They just won't wait till the end of this thing! This is typical racin' here at Michigan, just like the fans and viewers want it to be!
  • Ned Jarrett (CBS): Tell me about it, Buddy. These fans are lovin' it and they can't get enough of it. *scene cuts to Bubbles' cockpit*
  • (off Turn #4 and down the frontstretch to complete Lap 68 of 200 laps)
  • Bubbles (in 19th / hoarsely): *sick groan* When will the next yellow flag come out? My poor tummy is grumbling and I'm shaking and trembling. I don't know if my poor sick body can take it. *scene cuts to Timmy on the special elevated wheel-chair accessible platform in Bubbles' pitbox*
  • Timmy (to Bubbles' in-car radio / in unison to the cars racing by on the frontstretch being heard in the distance): Bubbles just relax, we're nearly halfway into the race. *scene cuts to Bubbles' cockpit* (voice only) You can still make it, Bubs. I promise ya.
  • (In Turns 1 & 2)
  • Bubbles (in 19th / hoarsely): *sad hoarse moan* I want to pit so bad. *Bubbles' sick stomach rumbling is heard in unison* *scene cuts to Timmy on the special elevated wheel-chair accessible platform in Bubbles' pitbox*
  • Timmy (to Bubbles' in-car radio / in unison to the cars racing by on the frontstretch being heard in the distance): Awww... I know, Bubsy. Anyway, in case you're wondering, Rudy, Ed, and Calamitous are putting up a great battle for the lead. *scene cuts to Bubbles' cockpit*
  • (On the backstretch)
  • Bubbles (in 19th/ hoarsely): I hope poor Ed and Rudy survive their battle with Calamitous.
  • Timmy (voice only): I hope so, too Bubs. *scene cuts to the track*
  • Barney Hall (MRN Radio): The field is still very bunched up out of Turn #4. Here's Ed Monobrow down to the inside trying to get underneath Rudy Tabootie and take a run, and that will be for the lead as they work their way across the line. He doesn't have any "drafting help", and that's gonna push him back. He's not gonna be able to get up there. He'll have to tuck back in at 3rd. They're in Turn #1.
  • Joe Moore (MRN Radio): In matter of fact, he loses the position! Finbarr Calamitious makes the move by Ed Monobrow in the process! Now Calamitous is going after the lead as he goes to the inside of Rudy Tabootie! In Turn #2, They're side by side!
  • Fred Armstrong (MRN Radio): A couple of Fords are drag-racing for the lead off the 2nd corner down this long-straight backstraightaway, heading into Turn #3! Rudy Tabootie on the outside, Finbarr Calamitious on the inside, but the draft forms up on the outside! Tabootie gets help from Ed Monobrow! They'll go back into Turn #3 single-file!
  • Allen Bestwick (MRN Radio): Ed Monobrow and Finbarr Calamitous are in 2nd position and RACING for the 2nd position! Let's update by the way, Mac Kazoo is now on the tail-end of 1 lap-down, just in front of race leader, Rudy Tabootie. As Ed Monobrow races past Finbarr Calamitous for the 2nd spot on the main straightaway, and Calamitous may lose 3rd, 4th, and 5th, heading to Turn #1!
  • Joe Moore (MRN Radio): Calamitous stuck down to the inside lane and the "freight train" is moving by on the outside! Snap White gets by! Squidward Tentacles makes the move! Officer Brikowski, also one of the lapped cars is now working down to the inside of Finbarr Calamitous as finally he swings it back in line!
  • Fred Armstrong (MRN Radio): Finbarr Calamitous bails out of the draft and back in line! Once again, down the backstraightaway, here's the battle for the lead! Ed Monobrow takes a peek to the inside of Rudy Tabootie! He can't make the move there as they race into Turn #3! *scene cuts to Rudy's cockpit*
  • (in Turns 3 & 4, on the frontstraightaway to complete Lap 70 of 200 laps, and entering Turn #1)
  • Rudy (in 1st): Hey Ed, did you see the way we left Calamitous in the dust and dropped him back to 5th boxed in? *scene cuts to Ed's cockpit*
  • Ed (in 2nd): Yup, little buddy! The little evil know-it-all is now boxed inside a mutant Chunky Puff box! *scene cuts to Rudy's cockpit*
  • Rudy (in 1st): Ed, first of all I asked you a question of your OPINION, and second, you're just getting stupider aren't you?
  • Ed (in 2nd / voice only): Have not a clue what you just said, Rudy!
  • Rudy (in 1st): *annoyed groan* *scene cuts to the Michigan Int'l Speedway indoor pressbox (suite) where Professor Utonium and Ms. Keane were watching the race*
  • Professor Utonium (with the cars being heard in the background): I hope poor Bubbles makes it through this race. Her performance on the racetrack so far isn't really her best due to her illness. *sad sigh* I just hope she doesn't collapse and cause a major accident or wreck herself.
  • Ms. Keane (with the cars being heard in the background): Don't feel that down, honey. I'm sure our daughter (referring to Bubbles) would pull through the entire race. After all, the pit-stops and caution flags could come to her aid for her to rest her body a little.
  • Professor Utonium (with the cars being heard in the background): After going 200 mph at this type of racetrack?! Of course she needs caution flags and pit-stops to calm her ill body down! *sad groan* Mr. Fassler shouldn't have made her drive today.
  • Ms. Keane (with the cars being heard in the background): But it wasn't in Jack Fassler's control, hon. NASCAR should've cooperated and let Bubbles rest so that one of our children could live their dream of being a NASCAR driver into filling in for their mother (referring to Bubbles). After all, they did graduate from NASCAR driving school last week.
  • Professor Utonium (with the cars being heard in the background): So far our little girl (referring to Bubbles) is in 19th place in the race so far. *sad sigh* It's really not her personal best in her NASCAR career.
  • Ms. Keane (with the cars being heard in the background): I understand, Professor. *scene cuts to Ed's cockpit*
  • (on the frontstraightaway, Turns 1 & 2, backstretch, backstraightaway, and heading into Turn #3)
  • Ed (in 4th): We're sorry to interrupt this program, but you and Squiddy have company, little Rudy! *scene cuts to Calamitous' cockpit*
  • Calamitous (in 3rd): You'll pay for this, you umm... ummm...
  • Ed (in 2nd / voice only): Lug-nut mutants?!
  • Calamitous (in 3rd): *groans* Anyway, you'll be decimated for leaving me boxed-in in 5th a few laps ago, Tabootie! Your little Octopus friend in 2nd will also suffer the consequences! *scene cuts to Rudy's cockpit*
  • Rudy (in 1st): MAKE us, Professor "I-Don't-Finish-Anything"! *scene cuts to Squidward's cockpit*
  • Squidward (in 2nd): Lay off my fu--*bleep*--ing car, Calamitous! You can't even finish a song or put a bathroom in that stupid robot suit of yours which is now in the fu--*bleep*--ing scrapyards! *scene cuts to Calamitous' cockpit*
  • Calamitous (in 3rd): *groans* Why do you have to remind me about the time I never put in a bathroom in my suit? (in reference to the "Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius" episode, "Professor Calamitous I Presume") *scene cuts to the track*
  • Fred Armstrong (MRN Radio): Diving down to the inside of the racetrack in a side-by-side battle, it's Rudy Tabootie leading the way off Turn #4!


Quote 11 Edit

  • (Lap 101 out of 200 laps)
  • [scene cuts to the CBS Broadcast Booth]
  • Mike Joy (CBS): We're past the halfway in the KMART 400 here at Michigan International Speedway, *scene cuts to the track* closing in on another round of green-flag pit-stops, as Sheldon J. Plankton of Team REXCOR has caught up to the Team Fastex leaders, Squidward Tentacles and Ed Monobrow.
  • Buddy Baker (CBS): Man, Plankton REALLY wants to grab the lead in this portion of the race, but green flag pit-stops are comin' up, and that might change everything in the front pack. *scene cuts to Ed's cockpit*
  • (backstretch, backstraightaway, and Turn #3)
  • Ed (in 2nd): We're sorry to interrupt this program, but we have company by the evil cyclops, Squiddy! *scene cuts to Squidward's cockpit*
  • Squidward (in 1st): Hey, back off, cyclops! Why do you have to keep hounding us for the lead?! Having you hounding me for the lead is worse than having Spongeheadache living next door! *scene cuts to Plankton's cockpit*
  • Plankton (in 3rd): HAH! Nothing is worse than failed than losing to Team Fastex and failing to steal the Krabby Patty secret formula! *scene cuts to Ed's cockpit*
  • Ed (in 2nd): I, Ed must ward off the dreaded cyclops and save the universe and the 3rd dimension! *scene cuts to Squidward's cockpit*
  • Squidward (in 1st /talking to himself): Why do I have to share the first 2 positions with an idiot? *scene cuts to the track*
  • Barney Hall (MRN Radio): 102 laps are now on the board. That race at the front of the field is beginnin' to heat up again. Tentacles had a big advantage a moment ago. Boy, that went away in a hurry. And right now, the challenge is on for 2nd place. Ed Monobrow has it. Divin' down to the inside, here comes Sheldon J. Plankton, and both those cars are just about 2 car-lengths back door-to-door, and they're about to catch Squidward Tentacles in Turn #1.
  • Joe Moore (MMRN Radio): Monobrow made a run at Tentacles, he got right up on his bumper the last time by! Suddenly out of nowhere, here comes Plankton! He comes "back to life", and now challenges for the 2nd spot! In Turn #2, Monobrow goes wide! Plankton sees an opening down low, but decides instead to fall back in line in 3rd!
  • Fred Armstrong (MRN Radio): It's single-file as they chase Squidward Tentacles down the backstraightaway! Eddy McRich loses the draft for just a moment! He's trying to get up there as well! Meanwhile, Ed Monobrow breaks away and gets right on the rear-deck of Squidward Tentacles, nose-to-tail as they race into Turn #3!

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  • [scene cuts to the CBS Broadcast Booth]
  • (beginning Lap 200 out of 200 laps)
  • Mike Joy (CBS): Here we go! White flag! One lap to go for Blossom Neutron! *scene cuts to the track*
  • Buddy Baker (CBS): Blossom has a big lead, and I think she's gonna do it! She's just continuin' to run away from the field!
  • Ned Jarrett (CBS): Blossom Neutron's got that playoff spot in the bag right now, guys. All she has to do is make it through these last 2 corners, and she will clinch her first career win and add herself into the playoffs in time for September (foreshadowing the "2000 Krusty Burger 400 Fantasy Edition" wiki). *scene cuts to Bubbles' cockpit*
  • (On the frontstraightaway, in Turns 1 & 2, and the backstretch)
  • Bubbles (in 34th / hoarsely): *sick groan (with her sick stomach grumbling her sick body shaking and trembling in unison)* I'm trying not to fade, Timmy! *hoarsely strains*
  • Timmy (voice only): C'mon Bubbly-cakes! You can do it! Please don't collapse! You only got 1 lap to go! Your sister, Blossom is about to win!
  • Bubbles (in 34th / hoarsely): I'm trying, Timmy!
  • Timmy (voice only): You're parents are comin' to get you right now! I texted them with 10 laps to go! C'mon! You got 2 more turns to go! *scene cuts to the track*
  • Mike Joy (CBS): Here she comes off Turn #4! Checkered flag! Blossom Neutron WINS it! A HUGE win for Team Fastex! (in unison, Blossom pumps her fist out the window net and cries out "YEAH!!!! I WON!!!! MY FIRST CAREER WIN AND THE FIRST WIN OF MY LIFE!!!!") Blossom Neutron will head off to Victory Lane for the first time in her life and NASCAR Winston Cup Series career, *with sudden realization* and look what we have here, Bubbles Turner will manage to finish the race without collapsing of a sick body!
  • Buddy Baker (CBS): I bet her husband and family are smiling at her and her sister (referring to Blossom) right now. She was VERY brave today to wrestle her illness for 200 laps.
  • Ned Jarrett (CBS) I agree with you, guys. Bubbles really was brave to overcome 200 laps of this race feelin' under the weather, and now she WILL take that well deserved rest when she goes home in a little bit. *scene cuts to the pits while the Professor and Keane were running to Bubbles' just-parked racecar to help her out of the car and while Blossom was doing her burnouts and donuts on the frontstretch in unison*
  • Professor (while lifting Bubbles with Ms. Keane): Wow, Bubbles you feel heavy. *grunts, groans, and strains*
  • Bubbles (hoarsely / while being lifted out of her #43 STP Pontiac): I can't do it anymore, Dad! I just can't drive sick anymore!
  • Ms. Keane (while holding Bubbles with the Professor): It's okay, Bubbles. The race is over, you're not gonna race sick anymore. We're getting you home right now with Timmy so you can rest, okay honey?
  • Bubbles (hoarsely): *sniff, sniff* Okay. *scene fades into Timmy & Bubbles' house with Bubbles in bed*
  • Timmy: *arrives in his wheelchair, with a cup of piping hot tea with honey and a lemon-wedge, and a bowl of tomato soup for Bubbles*
  • Timmy: You okay, hon?
  • Bubbles (hoarsely): (Timmy puts the tea and soup down in unison) Only a little. *sniff* I just don't want to race sick again. *cries hoarsely*
  • Timmy (calmly): Shhh... shhhh... It's okay, Bubs. You don't have to drive sick anymore. Next time if it happens, I'll get one of our children to fill in as a relief driver for you. I promise.
  • Bubbles (hoarsely): You know Timmy, *sad sigh* if I had to do 1 more lap, I would've really collapsed and had a scary crash.
  • Timmy (calmly): But you MADE it, Bubs, and we're proud of you. Even though you finished 32nd in the race, you still managed to wrestle your sick body for 200 laps. And that is a true racer.
  • Tommy Turner: And by the way, Mom. We won the race. Aunt Blossom won.
  • Tammy Turner: We hope you feel better soon, Mom.
  • Bubbles *tearfully smiles* *scene fades into later that night*

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  • Bubbles (sadly / hoarsely / while shaking, still feeling cold under the warm covers): (in a shivering way) You know Timmy, *sad gasp* I'm so sick than I was before racing today, it feels scary!
  • Timmy (sadly / feeling sorry for Bubbles): Awww... I know Bubs. I know how you deeply feel inside. NASCAR shouldn't have made you race sick today. Now look what they've done to you. They made you feel worse.
  • Bubbles (sadly / hoarsely / while shaking, still feeling cold under the covers): (in a shivering way, while sadly gasping) Hug me, Timmy....
  • Timmy (sadly / feeling sorry for Bubbles): Oh, Bubbles-! Please calm down or you'll make me-! *begins to tear up*
  • Bubbles: *hoarsely cries while shaking, still feeling cold under the warm covers*
  • Timmy (in calm worry / to himself): *sad sigh* Racing with an illness just made Bubbles worse. *tears up more while watching Bubbles hoarsely crying and shaking in coldness underneath the warm covers* *scene cuts to an overview of Sandy's treedome at night, and then inside the treedome in the room with Sandy, Spongebob, and Gary watching "NASCAR 2Nite" on the couch, feeling worried about poor Bubbles*
  • Winston Kelley (MRN Radio / heard on T.V / voice only): Bubbles Turner yet again took on 4 tires and a full tank of fuel during this round of caution flag pit-stops. Why? To calm and relax her ill-handlin' body. might not be at her greatest today, but she's doin' all she can to complete the race without collapsin' on the racetrack--. *Sandy shuts the TV off*
  • Gary: *sadly meows*
  • Sandy (sadly / calmly): Spongebob, you and Gary headin' off to bed?
  • Spongebob (sadly): *groans* I just can't, Sandy. Me and Gary are still worried about poor little Bubbles, I don't even know if she will ever get well. *cries softly as he did in the "Spongebob Squarepants" episode, "Patty Hype"*
  • Sandy (sadly / calmly / while rubbing Spongebob): Shhh.... I know lil' square-dude. I'm just about as worried as both of ya. That lil cutie puff. I could just feel the pain she had to go through while racin' today.
  • Spongebob sadly): Yeah, *sad gasp* and it was too horrible to watch Bubbles drive and suffer at the same time. *sad gasp*
  • Sandy (calmly / sadly): Awww.... I know you care so much about our friend and Fastex teammate, Bubbles. *sad sigh* How's about we go to bed and try to dream of the happy times we had with Bubbles, and tomorrow we can write her a get-well card.
  • Spongebob (sadly): Can I draw clouds, ponies, cake, flowers and other things Bubbles likes to make her feel happy? *sadly sniffs*
  • Sandy (softly / sadly): Of course ya can, little square-dude. *kisses Spongebob on the forehead* *scene fades into Sandy's bedroom with Spongebob, Gary, and Sandy in bed*
  • Sandy (calmly / sadly): Goodnight, Spongey and Gear-Bear.
  • Gary: *sadly meows goodnight*
  • Spongebob (sadly / sadly): Goodnight Sandra, goodnight, Gary. *sadly sniffs*
  • Gary: *sadly meows goodnight* *they all go to sleep* *scene fades into Edd's house in Edd's living room with Edd sitting on the sofa, while listening to soft music*
  • Jackie: *slowly arrives at the scene and softly begins kissing Edd's face while sitting on the sofa*
  • Edd (while Jackie was softly kissing him all over / happily and calmly) A most wonderful evening, isn't it, dear?
  • Jackie: *giggles*
  • Edd (concerned on why Jackie is so happy / softly and calmly): Odd. Jackie you seem particularly more than happy than usual. Why is that?
  • Jackie (happily and calmly): This is why, Edd. *shows him a blue device*
  • Edd: *happily stuttering* Oh... m-m-my...
  • Jackie (calmly with tears in her eyes): *slowly opens her arms* (in unison to wrapping Edd in her arms) We're going to have a baby. (foreshadowing their daughter, Evelyn Marion)
  • Edd (calmly / while being hugged by Jackie): Really.... our first child?
  • Jackie (softly and calmly): Indeed, Eddsworth. We're going to become parents! *happily sobs*
  • Edd (with tears in his eyes / while being hugged by Jackie): I just know we're going to be fantastic parents...!!!! *both happily sob while hugging each other, and the episode ends*

Trivia Edit

  • Since this is the 2000 season, the commentators on TV (CBS) will be Mike Joy, Buddy Baker (1942-2015), and Ned Jarrett.
  • The MRN Radio commentators for this wiki-race legacy will be Allen Bestwick & Barney Hall (in the booth), Joe Moore (Turns 1 & 2), Fred Armstrong (backstretch, backstraightaway, and Turn #3)
  • The TV pit reporters (CBS) will be Ken Squier, Glen Jarrett, Ralph Sheheen, Bill Stevens, and Dick Berggren.
  • The radio pit reporters (MRN Radio) will be Winston Kelley, Jason Toy, Steve "The Postman" Post, Jim Phillips, Krista Voda, Kyle Rickey, Alex Hayden, Adam Alexander, and Jeff Streigle.
  • Bubbles races in this wiki-race with a sore-throat and a fever even though she needed rest to feel better.

Michigan International Speedway Edit

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